Sunday, November 23, 2008

Letters to Brooke and Sara

The amazing LJ-Erica/Callie-community asked us to writer letters to Brooke and Sara to send them. So I did. I had a really difficult time writing the one to Sara because to me, the writers f*cked Callie up pretty badly and I'm angry at them and at Callie a bit too. Obviously, I didn't want to tell her that, because it's not her fault, so I wrote something different.

My letter to Brooke:

Dear Brooke Smith,

Thank you for being brave and putting so much emotion into the portrayal of one of the most *real* characters on TV, Erica Hahn.

Most people will probably say that the ‘leaves/glasses’ scene was your best and I have to agree, your acting in it was definitely Emmy-worth and just amazing. But the scenes that spoke to me even more were different ones. The first moment that made me fall in love with Erica completely was in the scene in which Erica helped Callie move into the new apartment. When you/Erica touched Callie, my heart literally skipped a beat and I felt like ‘This is real, their chemistry is real, their affection for each other is real.’ The second scene that spoke to me even more was when you/Erica watched Callie get on the elevator. The smile that you had on your face spoke louder and clearer than any words could ever have. I will always remember that moment as the ‘Cutest. Callica. Moment. Ever.’ And honestly, who hasn’t watched someone they are completely smitten with with a bright smile on their face? I know I have.

Even though it didn’t last as long as I would have wished, having two beautiful, stunning, interesting, complex, *real* female characters on TV deal with their feelings for each other made my world a better place. I know I am not the only one when I say that you have affected me in a way only very few actresses have and I am forever grateful for your courage and willingness to take on ‘difficult’ characters. The range of emotions you showed from 'bad-ass cardio goddess Hahn' to 'soft, head over heels in love Erica' blew my mind.

One thing is for sure, I will follow you and your career, no matter where it will lead us!

Your biggest fangirl in Austria,

My letter to Sara:

Dear Sara Ramirez!

When Callie was first introduced as a possible love interest for George, I loved how you played her as a strong woman who knew what she wanted. I didn’t like how George treated Callie and how much Callie changed throughout the storyline, even though I was always blown away by your acting talent. You were allowed to be sexy, vulnerable, angry, hurt, strong and funny as Callie and I always loved how multi-dimensional your character was.

I was so excited to see the friendship between Erica and Callie blossom. It made sense that two smart doctors who disliked the drama would strike up a connection and even though we were only allowed to see small glimpses, I was completely sold on the chemistry between Erica and Callie. Never before have I been so invested in a fictional couple – I even went so far to write fanfiction to keep me sane over the summer. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that you weren’t allowed to play Callie as ‘clingy’, because I would have loved to see that!

I will forever be grateful that you are bold and brave enough to dance in your underwear, pee naked and take off your shirt on national television. As a girl who is drawn to *real* women with *real* bodies, I will never understand how size 0 is considered attractive in Hollywood. You are so gorgeous just the way you are!

Just like with Erica, my memories with Callie will always be very bittersweet, but my admiration for you as an actress and a person will not be tainted by the network's decision. Thank you for being an ally and a friend to the LGBT community. This is just one reason why I look up to you!

Your biggest fangirl in Austria,

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