Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I saw 'Nikki & Nora' last night!!

And I can't believe this show never got picked up! I really liked the pilot and would have definitely continued watching had it been picked up! Now in all fairness, I'm not saying that this is the best show I've ever seen. But pilots aren't made to immediately make you love a show but to introduce the setting, the characters and the story. I think that that pilot was really strong and I just love that the show was set in New Orleans. The Big Easy offers such beautiful scenery! I really liked the music, I loved the chemistry between the two actresses, Liz Vassey and Christina Cox, the other characters were interesting as well. What I actually love the most was that while Nikki and Nora weren't out at work, you could always feel that they had a strong connection. Their chemistry was there, even when they were working and focused on the case.

Seeing what happened and is happening with lesbian characters on TV right now, I'm inclined to believe that it didn't get picked up because the two main characters are a lesbian couple. There are so many decisions to take when picking up a pilot and money is always one of them. Even though it wasn't a 'lesbian show', any network would probably put it in this category. What I am very happy about is that Nancylee Myatt sort of picked it up herself by including 'Ladycops' as a show within the show on '3Way'. Read Myatt's interview about 'Nikki & Nora' on AfterEllen and hop over to YouTube to watch the pilot if you haven't seen it yet!

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