Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sagittarius, born November 30

Sagittarians are positive people; they have a bright outlook on life, are enterprising, full of energy and vitality. Versatile, adventurous and eager to expand their range beyond the comfortable and familiar. They enjoy travel and exploring, and their minds are continually searching for new experiences. They are ambitious, optimistic folk, and nothing seems to get them down. They are idealists, and this seems to keep them going even when life disappointments crop up and smash their plans. "To keep on, keepin' on" is a Sagittarian way of life. They have a tendency to get over zealous when they are interested in something. They are believers, and what they believe in, they are willing to fight for. They are both loyal and independent at the same time. They manage to balance both traits. (via Elore)

I love to travel and I try to stay positive, but I think I'm not all that optimistic. I am very ambitious and loyal and I think I tend to get over zealous at times. I don't believe too much in Astrology, but I do think it is interesting to read about stuff like that.

Some people who were born on November 30th: Ben Stiller, Elisha Cuthbert, Clay Aiken (*grins*), Billy Idol, Ridley Scott and me.

I didn't really do anything special. Incidentally, my brother and sister-in-law were in Vienna this weekend so they stopped in our hometown for lunch. In the afternoon, we played two rounds of Scrabble, because I love that game. I totally kicked my parents' asses by laying a 7-letter-word as the first word!! That's a 50-point bonus for those of you who don't know the rules. Fun times!

So happy birthday to everybody who shares this day with me! May all our wishes come true!


finn said...

happy belated b-day.
I was at a family reunion yesterday...not so pleasant.

Glad your day was better.

helene said...

happy belated birthday… and all the best.

Britni said...

Yay sagittarius! I actually already have a post scheduled for my birthday in two weeks that is a lot like this one :)

Happy belated birthday!